A Bride's Story
Olyvia Freeman
Olyvia Freeman Married in October, 2019 Memphis, TN
A Bride's Story Olyvia Freeman Married in October, 2019 Memphis, TN

My husband and I met on a cruise in 2015 while visiting Jamaica. I had seen him a few times walking around the cruise ship and just thought he was such a dream but never could get the courage to go up and talk to him. It was my oldest sister who talked me into finally starting up a conversation if I saw him again! Her exact words “you’ll probably never see him again so why not”?! I saw him the next day and introduced myself and from that day we spent the rest of our days on that cruise ship together. We both connected immediately and I knew right then that I never wanted to go another day without seeing this man. The cruise ended and we exchanged numbers. He lived in Memphis, TN and I lived in Hattiesburg, MS- five hours apart from each other. We agreed to keep talking and meet up again and maybe try and make long distance work. Fast forward 3 years of our long distance relationship I graduated college and moved to Memphis to live with him and it was on October 19th 2019 I got to marry the love of my life!!! My husbands mother told me about Low’s bridal because she had been there before and said I would absolutely love the place and she was right! Immediately I fell in love with the place and the consultants were AMAZING and SO helpful! I found the dress of my dreams at Low’s bridal! If I could go back, I wouldn’t change a thing. I would just relive the most amazing day of my life over again!