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A Bride's Story
Alisa Anthony
Alisa Anthony Married in April, 2020 Bauxite, AR
A Bride's Story Alisa Anthony Married in April, 2020 Bauxite, AR

My first dress we purchased, ended up being the same dress that my sister in law picked for their wedding, which was just a few months before. I tried to be okay with that decision but ultimately, I didn’t feel special anymore. I called my consultant, Michaela, hysterical in tears, and she talked to the owner who allowed for me to pick a dress of equal or greater value. I knew the policy on return and I was afraid I was going to be stuck with the same dress, and I was so relieved when I was able to get another. I loved my dress, my day was absolutely magical and every time I put on my dress, I remember the kindness and compassion that was shown to me from the staff at Low’s and I can’t imagine having gotten my dress anywhere else!