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A Bride's Story
Kayla Smith
Kayla Smith Married in October, 2017 Arkadelphia, AR
A Bride's Story Kayla Smith Married in October, 2017 Arkadelphia, AR

I was blessed with the best team of stylist. I knew exactly what I wanted, buttons, lace, a long train, and an open back. My incredibly kind stylist dominika, made me feel beautiful in every gown I tried on. After a couple gowns I couldn’t make up my mind, I loved them all. Then my husbands cousin Dorcas, ran to go grab a gown, and I instantly looked at in the bag and knew. I put one leg in it and Dominika and jumped for joy. This was it. I walked out and just fell in love. Dominika took my breath away when she covered me in a cathedral veil. It is an experience I will never forget, I was greeted by people who are now my family, (Stan and Dorcas Prince) but was also treated like family by the incredibly kind staff. I have since sent my friends and they have found their dream gowns.