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A Bride's Story
Kattie Smith
Kattie Smith Married in October, 2019 Benton, Arkansas
A Bride's Story Kattie Smith Married in October, 2019 Benton, Arkansas

Lows was absolutely magical! I had been to 4 other bridal shops, and had given up on finding the perfect dress. I spent 2+ hours with the lady who was helping me with no luck and had walked out to the car. My mom said she wanted to back in, that something had caught her eye I hadn’t tried on yet, and so we went back inside. The lady assisting us said she had wanted to show me a dress similar to the one my mom showed her, and had mentioned it to me several times during our time there, but it had been out of our price range so she didn’t. She rushed to grab it in my size, and from the moment I put it on I knew it was the one. My mom, grandma and aunt burst into tears as I walked out, and we all had the moment we’d been searching for. I am so thankful for our assistant, who took the time to help us even after our time slot was over!